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08:00-08:45 - Registration, Breakfast


08:45-10:15 - Panel 1

Law, Labor, and Commerce


Kristin O’Brassill-Kulfan, University of Leicester

“‘Doubtless a very vagrant’: Mobility, Law, and Personal Industry in the Early American Republic”


Jane Manners, Princeton University

“‘Infinitely Dangerous to the Revenue of the United States’: Natural Disaster, Tax Relief, and Changing Constitutional Understandings in Jacksonian America”


Idriss Paul-Armand Fofana, Columbia University

“Liminal Diplomacy in the Age of High Imperialism: The Qing Empire and the Congo Free State”


Daniel Platt, Brown University

“Justice Holmes on Risk, Race, and Market”


10:15-10:30 - Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 - Panel 2

The Status of the Human in Law 


Jane Polcen, University of Maryland, College Park

“Taken from the Jail: The Trial of Howard Cooper and Jury Discrimination in 1800s Maryland”


John Moreland, Illinois State University

“A Rule for All Men?: Ex parte Milligan and the Fight for Control of Reconstruction”


Jennifer Wilson, Rutgers University

“Body Language and Law in Early Modern England”


Gloria Yu, University of California, Berkeley

“Legal Expressions of Human Nature in Eighteenth-Century Europe”


12:00-12:15 - Break


12:15-01:45 - Lunch

Faculty Panel on Legal Sources and the Law’s Archive


01:45-02:00 - Break


02:00-03:30 - Panel 3

Legal Knowledge Networks


Sung Yup Kim, Stony Brook University

“A Province-Wide Community of Lawyers: Dissemination and Monopolization of Legal Knowledge in Late Colonial New York”


Diego Luis, Brown University

“The Politics of Legal Memory: The 1540s Encomienda Crisis in Peru”


Emily Prifogle, Princeton University

“Modern Pioneers in Oneida County: Rural Zoning in the Midwest, 1933-1953”


Kellen Funk, Princeton University

"A Servile Copy of New York: The Migration of Field's Code during America's Greater Reconstruction"


03:30-03:45 - Snack Break


03:45-05:15 - Panel 4

Laws of Empire


Henry Gorman, Vanderbilt University

“Outlaw Evangelists: American Missionaries and the Law in Ottoman Beirut”


Chad Frazier, Georgetown University

“A Perilous Birth: Law, Empire, and the Early Years of the University of Puerto Rico, 1903-1913”


Zak Leonard, University of Chicago

“The Imperial Afterlife of Law of Nations Theory: A Reassessment”


Todd Morman, University of Missouri

“The History of the Blackfeet Nation’s Efforts to Obtain Legal Recognition for Their Continuing Interests in Badger-Two Medicine: A Look at Early Twenty-First Century Administrative Management and First Amendment Challenges.”

05:15-05:30 - Concluding Remarks

This conference is made possible through support from the following Brown University campus units: American Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, History, Religious Studies, Modern Culture and Media.

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