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Legal Sources and the Law’s Archive

“Remarks on Legal Sources and the Law's Archive” is a panel devoted to the methods of legal history and the archive created by the legal practices in various traditions. Professor Faiz Ahmed will moderate the panel in a discussion about the sources and a number topics related to the law's archive. Ranging from the sources used, to the trips made to the archives; from a "confessional" about adjusting to legal sources, even for those who may not consider themselves “legal” scholars, to an analysis about how legal sources have been used effectively or not used to their full potential, this promises to be a productive conversation among Professors Besharar Doumani, Drayton Nabers, Naoko Shibusawa, Michael Vorenberg, and the auidence about legal history and sources we use.





Assistant Professor

of History


He is trained as a lawyer and social historian, and his primary research explores the intersection of student and scholarly networks, constitutional movements, and “rule of law” discourse from the Ottoman Empire to Afghanistan during the long nineteenth century.

Beshara Doumani


Joukowsky Family Professor

of Modern Middle East History and Director of Middle East Studies


He works on the social, economic, and legal history of Eastern Mediterranean.

Drayton Nabers


Associate Professor

of English


He studies the interactions between American literary history and the history of American social thought in a variety of its institutional and disciplinary settings--legal, sociological, economic, and military

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